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Be the solution

On Friday 12th August over 200 young people came together in Westminster at ‘Not In Our Name’.  The event, which was thought up by Arrival Education CEO Daniel Snell at the start of the week, was envisaged as being an opportunity for young people to come together to take a stand against the violence that gripped the nation that week.

It was a chance for young people to say what they needed to say and what they felt about the unrest, say what they thought was missing from their communities, connect with other young people and think about what they could take back to their communities.

Over 16 organisations came together to make the event possible, and word of the event spread, even reaching parliament on the 11th which gave some of the organisers and young people a chance to go to Downing Street and speak directly to the Prime Minister.

“I think that it was vital that you ran the event on friday as it was an opportunity for anyone who wished to speak out about the riots and our communities in general to be listened to . I think that one of the key messages that young people in particular were trying to get across was that they want their voice to matter which is exactly what ‘Not in Our Name’ helped to do. Personally, the fact that this event generated such big interest at such short notice meant a lot as it showed that actually I’m not in the minority  of people who want to make their community a better place and are willing to stand up to show that we are the leaders of tomorrow.” Student, 16, Southwark

This was an event for not just for young people. There were families, youth and community workers, teachers, business people and ex-police officers.  There were a lot of different and conflicting views and any one who wants to come and start being a part of the solution.

A big thank you to everyone who made it possible.


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